Terms and Conditions: 

  1. The subscriber must provide documentation to establish their identity and legal status according to terms and conditions. Samin’s Network has the right to review them.
  2. Endorsers reserve the option to detach, suspend or end administrations assuming they give misleading data. This incorporates the membership structure. In the event that there is any adjustment of the data given before, the endorser should advise Samin’s Network of such change. Assuming that the endorser neglects to do as such, Samin’s Network has the privilege to suspend or end the administration.
  3. The gatherings consent to keep any private data secret. Publicly available information may be made public if required for legal purposes according to terms and conditions.
  4. Samin’s Network has the exclusive right to use the connection and equipment provided by Samin’s Network.
  5. Samin’s Network will provide services to its subscribers within the agreed timeframe. If there is a delay, Samin’s Network will let the subscriber know as soon as possible.
  6. Samin’s Network can’t be expected to take responsibility for disturbances or suspension of its administration because of any external variables outside of its reach.
  7. Samin’s Network may suspend services for reasons beyond its control. Samin’s network will notify subscribers as soon as it is possible to do so according to terms and conditions.
  8. Samin’s Network may suspend or terminate your connection if you use your device or terminal more than your allotted number of times or bandwidth capacity.
  9. The association with Samin’s Network will be consequently separated assuming the endorser has surpassed the month-to-month charging date and information volume limit according to terms and conditions.
  10. Samin’s Network ought to have the elite right to change, increment, or diminish traffic charges, the legitimacy time frame, and some other concurred terms. The subject is always subject to official notification of changes. No notice is required if such changes occur due to any regulatory or governmental regulation.
  11. If new information about Samin’s services becomes available, the subscriber will be notified. Samin’s network reserves the right to communicate with its subscribers in any way it deems necessary. Samin’s Network reserves the right to use the subscriber’s name in promotional or business materials.
  12. Samin’s Network is focused on offering the best assistance to its clients. The quality, dependability, and accessibility of the help might rely upon different elements. If customer service, reliability, or availability of Samin’s network falls below customer expectations, Samin will not be held liable.
  13. Subscriber agrees not to use the Samin’s network for any illegal acts. If Subscriber does engage in any illegal activity, Samin’s may terminate its services to the Subscriber. If Samin’s Networks decides to stop providing services to a subscriber, only they can do so. The subscriber agrees not to sue Samin’s if their service is harmed by someone else.
  14. This agreement does not affect anything else that Samin’s network has already told you about its services, their prices, and their billing and credit policies. This agreement is binding on both parties.
  15. The use of Samin’s Network is subject to its current usage policies.
  16. The subscriber agrees to pay the agreed charges to Samin’s Network in a prescribed bill format by the due date. If the subscriber’s bill is not paid in full by the due date, Samin’s Network has the right to suspend or terminate the connection.
  17. Subscribers will have to pay a “Shifting Charge” for transferring their connection.
  18. If your internet connection goes out, you are entitled to a reconnection if you have paid all your bills. If the connection to Samin’s Network is disconnected, the subscriber is responsible for the reconnection fee.
  19. Samin’s Network will keep equipment provided to subscribers, ensuring subscribers have ownership. If Services are suspended or discontinued, the Subscriber must immediately return the device to Samin’s Network. On the off chance that gear is harmed, the supporter should pay for the worth of the harmed hardware. Assuming that hardware is harmed, the endorser should pay for the expense of fixing or supplanting the harmed gear.
  20. Samin’s Network can’t guarantee the precision or fittingness of any data tracked down on the web. The supporter is liable for their web use..
  21. The subscriber agrees to protect the equipment provided by Samin’s network from damage. Accidents can happen due to misuse, negligence, fire, lightning, natural disaster, theft, sabotage, and coming in contact with water. Samin’s network will have the right to ask the subscriber for damages.
  22. Samin’s Network won’t be obligated for any wellbeing dangers or issues that might emerge from the utilization of its administrations or hardware.
  23. The subscriber is solely responsible for their own data, voice transfers, and traffic, and any spam or illegal activity. Try not to send spontaneous email spamming, and in the event that you do, your record might be ended. The subscriber agrees to indemnify Samin’s network from any losses, damages, or penalties that may result from unlawful use of their account.
  24. The subscriber must install an electric connection, power grounding UPS, and stabilizer. The premises and the agreement of the individual are significant in this discussion. The supporter should not migrate or move any gear given by Samin’s Network without the consent of Samin’s Network.
  25. Samin’s Network won’t introduce any items/administrations without a legitimate report from the signatory of this record and approved agent of Samin’s Network and freedom from the income affirmation branch of Samin’s Network.
  26. Customer must give written permission before any bandwidth upgrade or change. To increment or reduction transmission capacity, you should give composed notice one month ahead of time.
  27. The subscriber must contact customer care about their dissatisfaction with Samin’s Network services.
  28. Subscribers are not permitted to resell Samin’s network internet services without written authorization and may be subject to legal action if found to be reselling these services.
  29. Samin’s network agrees to specifically fulfill the responsibilities listed in this agreement. Samin’s network will not take on any other responsibilities.
  30. The Samin’s network cannot be held responsible for any loss suffered by its subscribers as a result of any product or service sold or provided by the network.
  31. Samin’s Network maintains whatever authority is needed to change the agreements of this Arrangement whenever.