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Welcome To Samin's Network

Samin's Network is a leading Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh. Samin's Network One of the fastest growing ISP in the country to provide seamless secured Data & Internet connectivity to various grades of customers using fiber & wireless solutions. We’re promised to meeting your needs and delivering industry-leading customer service. Secured internet connection with a fully dedicated network, you can watch anything without buffering. Samin's Network started its journey with aim of providing very high-level software and technology support. The Company has developed with a very talented force of IT experts who are creative and forward thinking in their approach. They are always ready to provide proper IT related solution based on clients demand. Samin's Network believe in quality and service because quality and service create its own demand. Samin's Network pricing is neither cheap nor high.


Corporate Internet

Corporate Internet Service Providers are outfitted with the most recent advances and can give direct web access a rapid, instead of the oversubscribed private lines. They likewise accompany severe help level arrangements which guarantees the smooth working of corporate internet providers..

Home Internet

Home Internet is extraordinarily intended for home client and SME's and availability is given delicate organizations. The rate is exceptionally achievable yet Internet speed is quicker. Availability is given through Wireless, Fiber optic and OLT innovation. Web access is the capacity of people and associations to interface with the Internet.

Remote Internet

Remote Internet Samin's Network has been offering incredible remote broadband types of assistance . Samin's Network has executed a remote innovation that provisions a strong, stable broadband association up to 35 Km away under every climate condition. Outside Dhaka city, a similar top notch availability is given by higher-transfer proficient remote organization.

Information Connectivity

Committed connection can be set up utilizing fiber optic or remote radios between the cutting edge POPs and the door/switch that interfaces client LAN. At the point when organization guarantees amazing quality, high limit, and low dormancy availability with QoS over the whole organization, the information network arrangement is end up being working proficiently. The merchant ought to guarantee focusing on information parcels in this way empowering Voice, Video and Data bundle access independently.

Web Hosting

Get the best and least expensive web facilitating from the top facilitating supplier in Bangladesh. Samin's Network offers very quick worker, secure facilitating and 100% worker uptime. Our Linux cPanel based space facilitating administration is entirely dependable to Bangladeshi web engineers, affiliate facilitating customers, public and private association for facilitating their site. We comprehend the necessities of Bangladeshi clients and we have a few savvy web facilitating bundles.

IT Managed Service

Samin's Network IT Managed Service Technical Support alludes to administrations that elements give to clients of innovation items or administrations. IT foundation the board great practice is about prescient and pre-emptive administration as opposed to issue finding or investigating after an occasion . IT Managed Support Services centers around giving quick, prevalent, solid and adaptable IT Managed Support Services. As one of the top oversaw IT support administrations suppliers.


  • Easy to use valuing
  • Client service
  • 24 hours of force reinforcement support
  • Devoted IP addresses with rapid web
  • Devoted and one of the greatest FTP download worker with great Bengali, Hindi and English most recent motion pictures
  • assortment alongside programming devices and utility.
  • Get your association inside 1-2 hour with no association charge
  • Proficient web architecture and improvement
  • Watch Youtube recordings live without web based.
  • Wifi arrangement support in home and corporate workplaces.
  • WiFi web organization.
  • Moment investigating and backing upon call.

Technology Review

Provide the best technology available! Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If it’s current, we have it; if it’s new, we’ll be one of the first to get it!